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Chinese American Council of Sacramento

PO Box 22583
Sacramento, CA 95822

Phone: (916) 261.2118 (leave a message)
Email: CACS President

Board of Directors

Honey Lum, President
Alex Eng, Vice President
Keith Johnson, Secretary
Joyce Eng, Treasure
Cathy Wei, Member at Large

CACS Foundation

PO Box 22457
Sacramento, CA 95822

Phone: (916) 284-1485 (leave a message)
Email: CACS Foundation President

Board of Directors

Cathy Wei, President
Brenda Fong, Vice President
Franc Martinez, Secretary
Anne Luong, Treasurer


Members at Large

Jim Chong
Vaneesa Lam
Honey Lum
Charlie Moy
Karun Yee

CACS Advisors

Mary Hughes
Dr. Kingman Louie
Dr. David Young
Merlayna Yee-Chin

John Hughes - Newsletter & Web Maintenance


CACS Foundation versus
the Chinese American Council of Sacramento

Chinese American Council of Sacramento

The Chinese American Council of Sacramento (or the COUNCIL) will continue to be the voice of the Chinese American Community; although it is expanding to include other APIA (Asian Pacific Islander American) groups who may be underserved and need support and representation.

Issues and concerns will be its focus. Social justice, discrimination, civil and human rights, voter education, legislation not in the best interest of the API community are a few of the examples the “Council” will make its focus. It may represent the community at City Council, County Board of Supervisors, and legislative hearings and collaborate with other organizations of like purpose. It will support the events of other organizations with like interests.

P.O. Box 22583 – Sacramento 95822
Honey Lum, President 916/261-2118

CACS Foundation

The CACS Foundation (or the FOUNDATION) will be the involved with cultural, historical, charitable and fund raising functions. It will be involved with creating events that will heighten awareness of the cultural significance of Chinese Americans and APIA and their contributions to American history.

The CACS Foundation will fund and support projects for the underserved and economically challenged in our community; and provide educational grants for those in need, ie. Charitable projects.

The CACS Foundation will participate and support community events such as PRSF, County History Day, Locke Spring Festival. It will collaborate with other organizations to foster cultural relations, and support their fund raising events.

P.O. Box 22457 – Sacramento 95822
Cathy Wei, President 916/284-1485

CACS Lifetime Members

Jack & Valerie Bass
Ellen Blonder
Doreen Chan
Dr. & Mrs. Gaing Chan
Howard & Marie-Jeanne Chan
Brittany Chiang
Ryan Chin & Alice Wong
Jerry & Carole Chong
Dr. Sonney Chong
Alex & Joyce Eng
Phyllis Ehlert
Chee Fat
J.C. & Shareen Fat
Jerry & Pearl Fat
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Fat
Brenda Fong
Geofry Fong
Norman & Stephanie Fong
Clara & George Fong
Councilman Robert K. Fong
Roger & Florence Fong
Diana Gin
Erv & Cat Gon
Linda Ng & Michael Head
Douglas Hsia
Dr. Dick Huang
Dave & Marbelle Jan
Insurance Comm. Dave Jones
Vaneesa Lam
Dean & Cindy Lan
Johnston Lau
Don Lee
Edmond & Linda Lee
Jeanie Lee
Nancy Lim
Dolly Louie
Dr. Kingman Louie
Honey Lum
Kim Lum
Franc Martinez
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Masters
David & Cheryl Meegan
Sylvia Sun Minnick
M.J. (Mary Janis) Mitchell
Sam K. Ong
Shirley Sekeres
Honorable Darrell Steinberg
Richard Tsukiji
Ed & Dora Wong
Grace Wong
Dr. Alan & Helen Yee
Karun Yee
Dr. Herbert & Inez Yee
Supv. Jimmie Yee & Mary Yee
Judy Yee
Merlayna Yee
Dr. & Mrs. Wesley Yee
William & Judy Yee
Bernice Yew
C.C. & Regina Yin
Dr. David Young
Myra Young & James McRitchie
Dr. Flora Young & Norman Spalding
David Volz

In Memory of the following Lifetime Members
Frank Sai Fat
Dr. William Fong
Connie King
Jim & Chau Louie
Roy Wong
Dr. Douglas Yee

Canton Footprints

Canton Footprints

The Chinese American Council of Sacramento sponsored a very ambitious research book project in 2001. After eight years of oral history interviews, research and organizational development lead by historian Phil Choy and CACS board members Doug and Karun Yee, CACS published Canton Footprints, Sacramento’s Chinese Legacy.

This book focuses on historical relationships between the US and China, immigration and migration, personal stories of hardships and triumphs and the undefeatable spirit of the Chinese who settled in Sacramento.

CACS printed 3,000 books and sold more than 2,400. As part of our community outreach philosphy, we are contacting colleges who have Asian studies, Sacramento schools and libraries, and other Asian historical societies to give them a copy of our book. They may purchase additional copies at a discounted price, by contacting Karun Yee.

CACS wants to express its sincere thanks to those of you who have purchased the book for your contribution to CACS.